Are you an absentee landlord, or otherwise one who prefers not to be involved in the general day-to-day maintenance of your properties?

Perhaps your mortgage company requires let properties to be cared for by reputable managing agents. Our professional and efficient property management service is also available to landlords like you.

We bring 30 years of client and mortgage company satisfaction to the table when we meet with you to discuss your Property Management needs.

Our management team will:

  • Act as your representative with all tenant queries
  • Monitor and collect all rents
  • Lodge rent to your bank account
  • Attend regular property inspections and report back to you if maintenance is required
  • Organise our maintenance team to carry out normal repairs as required
  • Seek approval from you on any larger maintenance expenses the property may incur
  • Liaise with you one month prior to the expiry of the lease agreement to organise the next steps
  • Carry out inspection of property when lease agreement expires prior to you refunding the tenants’ deposit

An Important Note on Rents

Olivers handles the monitoring and collection of all rents on behalf of our clients. Once a rent has been received, it is immediately lodged in our client’s bank account with the deduction of our management fee and less any previously approved expenses.

To keep your financial records up-to-date you and/or your business accountant will also receive a monthly statement outlining the income and expenditures.

Olivers’ Maintenance Policy

At Olivers, our policy is always to consult with our clients and obtain their instructions before larger maintenance work is carried out. In the event of normal day-to-day problems such as electrical, plumbing, alarm issues occurring, the tenant is instructed to contact our Property Manager.

These small repairs are then dealt with immediately, to ensure the property is kept in good order and the tenant is not inconvenienced.